Dimefluthrin With CAS 271241-14-6

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What is Dimefluthrin With CAS 271241-14-6?



Clear pale yellow oily liquid







Right-handed trans scale


At present, most of the tetrafluthrin disc mosquito coils adopt the analysis method provided by Japan's Sumitomo Chemical Company, that is, GC-ECD (electron capture detector) analysis, and the pretreatment method is cumbersome. Therefore, it is necessary to study an analytical method suitable for actual production. The content of tetrafluthrin was analyzed by gas chromatography. With fenothrin as the internal standard, DB-1 quartz capillary column was used for separation and FID detection. The analysis results showed that the linear correlation coefficient of tetrafluthrin was 0.9991, the standard deviation was 0.000049, the coefficient of variation was 0.31%, and the recovery rate was between 97.00% and 99.44%.


As a new type of pyrethroid hygienic insecticide, transfluthrin has a high control effect on mosquitoes that are resistant to allethrin and propargyl. The pesticide is safe to human body and does not pollute the environment, and the dosage of its preparation is as low as 0.015%.


200kgs/drum, 16tons/20’container 250kgs/drum,20tons/20’container 1250kgs/IBC, 20tons/20’container

Dimefluthrin With CAS 271241-14-6

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